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26th Jan 2018 09:30 - 17:00



Join the very talented Jacqui Kelly from Totally Sugar at the Renshaw Academy where she will teach you how to make this Faux Food Burger and Fries cake. You will learn how to carve a real cake, how to crumb coat the burger-shaped cake and how to cover with sugar paste for a professional finish. Jacqui will the show you how to create the ‘burger’ elements from sugar paste, modelling chocolate and marzipan. When the shapes are modelled you will then learn how to airbrush and paint these shapes to achieve a realistic finish, as well as learning techniques such as working with moulds; texturing pastes and creating sugar cane repeat patterns.

Throughout the day you will learn valuable hints and tips from Jacqui that she had accumulated over many years in the Sugarcraft industry. Our Academy staff will also be on hand to provide guidance and assistance should you require it. At the end of the session, we will provide you with a cake box so that you can take your cake creation home with you.  Please note, some creations that are made using real cake will be heavier than those created using a polystyrene dummy so please take this into consideration when making your travel arrangements.

There’s no hassle when you book onto a Renshaw Academy course as everything you need for the day is included. We’ll provide all of your materials, equipment, food, and drink so all you have to do is arrive and have a great time!

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  • How to carve a burger shape out of real sponge cake and crumb coat.
  • How to cover the burger shape professionally with sugar paste.
  • How to model with different pastes to create burger elements.
  • How to work with moulds and texture pastes to create burger elements.
  • How to airbrush and paint these elements to achieve a realistic effect.

Is it suitable for me?

This course is suitable for those with a beginner/ intermediate skill level. Familiarity and prior use of sugar paste is required.


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